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Copy Music or MP3 files to Android tablets

Copy Music or MP3 files to Android tabletsIf you want to copy music or MP3 files to Android tablets from a computer, you can easily do this using a USB connection. You will need to use your USB port to copy music or MP3 files to Android tablets from your computer.  Most tablet PCs come with a USB cable to connect your tablet to your computer.  If you do not have a USB cable, go to the Tablet PC Store to purchase one.

The most universal method, which works with all versions of Android, is to copy the MP3 files from your computer via USB connections to your tablet. Once you have connected your tablet to your PC via a USB cable, the tablet will show up in your file manager on your PC as another storage device.  You can use Copy/Paste or drag and drop files to the tablet just like moving or coping files from one folder to another.

The MP3 files from iTunes will not work since Apple uses a different MP3 file format than what is standard.  So if you have iTunes MP3 files, you must first convert them to the standard MP3 format in order to play them on your tablet.

If you have music on a CD or DVD that you want to copy to your tablet, first use Windows Media Player to rip the music from the CD into MP3 files, and then copy them to your tablet using the method described above.

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