Print from an Android Tablet


Print from an Android tablet

The function to print from an Android tablet is not a function delivered with a new tablet.    The USB port on a tablet PC will not support printer interfaces.  But, with the addition of some software, you can print from an Android tablet easily.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab with the latest TouchWiz interface, you can print directly to a Wi-Fi printer, assuming you have permissions to connect to the printer.

The Android Market has a few apps that allow you to print directly to a Wi-Fi printer, check them out here –> Wi-Fi Print Apps.

The best way I have found to print from an Android tablet is to use Google Cloud Print.  Google Cloud Print allows any device which is also running Google Cloud Print to print to other Cloud Print enabled devices.  There are security measures that control how devices can connect.

  1. First, you need to install Google Chrome on your PC or Mac which has a connected printer that you want to print to –> Install Google Chrome
  2. Next, on the same computer, you need to Enable Google Cloud Print
  3. After you have Google Cloud Print enabled on the computer where the printer is connected, you need to also install Google Cloud Print on the computer or tablet you are printing from.  Go to the Android Market and download this app –>Cloud Print App

Print from an Android Tablet

Here is a link to Google Cloud Print Support

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