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Author Topic: What SD card should I use for a tablet PC?  (Read 22809 times)

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What SD card should I use for a tablet PC?
« on: December 07, 2011, 02:23:26 AM »
What SD memory card is best for a tablet PC?
Most tablet PCs will support the insertion of additional SD memory cards, but first you need to check your tablet to see how it is configured and if it will use a memory card.

First, verify your tablet PC has a port to insert a memory card.  Read the guide that came with your tablet.

Second, you will need either Android 2.3 or less; or Android 3.2 or greater.  To find out what version of Android you are running, Touch on Settings, then Touch About Tablet.

If you have verified that your tablet PC can use a SD memory card, now you need to determine what physical size it will use.  There are SDHC memory cards, and micro SDHC memory cards.

SDHC Memory Card:


microSDHC with Adapter:

The Mini SD memory cards are very uncommon since the release of the micro SD card.  So your tablet PC will use either the standard size, or the micro size.

The micro SDHC memory card can also be purchased with an adapter so it will work with either the micro port or the full size memory card port.  If you are not sure if your tablet uses the micro SDHC memory card or the standard size, them buy the micro with the adapter.

I also recommend that you spend a little more money and buy the faster speed memory cards.  The speed of the card is identified with a Class setting.  Class 6 and 10 are the faster cards, and I recommend you purchase a Class 10 card in order to maintain the input/output speed of your tablet PC.  When you look at the card, you'll see a number with a nearly complete circle around it.  For instance, the 16GB card above has a 6 with a circle around it.

Class 6:

Also, size matters.  Check your tablet's manufacturer guide to see what size memory card it will use.  Nearly all tablets will use a 16GB memory card, and most will support a 32GB card.  Don't buy anything less than 16GB since the price of a 8GB, the next size smaller, is only a couple of dollars less.
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