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Author Topic: How to change a default app?  (Read 2356 times)

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How to change a default app?
« on: June 19, 2013, 08:57:25 PM »
How to clear or change default applications Choose default app - when you touch a link to do something on your tablet, and if you have multiple apps that can perform that function, you will get a dialog box asking you which app you want to use, and the dialog box will allow you to choose that app as the default.  Once you select a default app, your tablet will automatically use that app every time that function is needed.

For instance, you touch a link to a web page, and you have Chrome and Internet Browser on your tablet.  After you touch the link, you will get a dialog box (Complete action using) asking you which browser you want to use.  You can touch the app you want to use, and you can also touch the selection to use the same app in the future for this action.

Let's say you touched Chrome as your default browser and set it as your default.  Then you realize that Chrome will not display Flash and you no longer want Chrome as your default.  So, how do you change the default?

  • Touch Settings, then Touch Apps
  • Scroll the screen until you find the App you want to change (Chrome)
  • Touch the App, and the details about the App will open
  • Scroll the screen down to the LAUNCH BY DEFAULT section, Touch Clear defaults

That will clear the existing default.  Now, the next time you need that function, you can choose a different App to be the default.  Or, you can just not set a default and choose which App you want each time.
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