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Author Topic: How to set up a wireless connection between an Android tablet and a PC?  (Read 3367 times)

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How to connect an Android tablet to a PC using wireless to transfer files?

The best way to connect a tablet to a PC is for transferring files is via the USB ports on both the tablet and PC using a USB to USB cable.  However, if your tablet or PC does not have a USB port, then the next best option is to establish a wireless connection.

This method uses a Wi-Fi network and connection. First, you must have a Wi-Fi network where both the tablet PC and the PC are connected. 

There are 3rd party applications that will use the Wi-Fi connection and allow you to transfer files.  I recommend AirDroid, which is a free app from Google Play or Amazon Apps.

After you download and install the app, it will give you directions on how to use it.  Instructions such as what IP address to use, and a password to use to connect the devices.

This method is not as reliable as using the USB method, however, several users have had success with this.

Another app that seems to work well is Wi-Fi File Explorer, there are other apps also available on Google Play.
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