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Author Topic: Use Wi-Fi to transfer files from Android device to Android device - Superbeam  (Read 2882 times)

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Use Wi-Fi to transfer files between Android devices, or to transfer files from Android to PC.

I have an Android phone, and an Android tablet.  I wanted an easy way to move or copy files from the phone to the tablet, or vice-versa.

I found an app on Google Play called Superbeam.  I cannot give enough accolades about how well this app works.  It is easy and fast. 

You download the Superbeam app to both the phone and the tablet, then select send on one, and receive on the other.  The sending device will display a QR Code on the screen, then point the receiving device at the QR code, which is read, verified, then a connection is made within less than a second.

The transfer happened so fast that I thought it didn't work, and did it again, but then I got a message asking me if I wanted to overwrite the files.  OK, so I already had them downloaded - that fast.

After upgrading to the Pro version ($1.50 on sale) I downloaded the Windows version, and the transfer of files from my PC to the tablet was just as fast and easy.

This app is a must-have - to be sure.
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