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Author Topic: How to do a PowerPoint presentation on a tablet PC?  (Read 12346 times)

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How to do a PowerPoint presentation on a tablet PC?
« on: December 07, 2011, 04:48:25 PM »
PowerPoint Presentations on a Tablet PC
One of the great features of most Android tablet PCs is the HDMI out port.  You can use this to connect to any high definition TV, including LCD flat screens, or even a projector with an HDMI input port that will display the image on your tablet on the big screen for the entire audience to see.  This makes it easy to show PowerPoint presentations on a tablet PC.

So, what do you need to do this?

First, you need an HDMI cable.  The cable you need will vary depending on which tablet you have.  Go to this site to purchase the cable: Tablet PC Store.

Second, you need to install an app that will open your PowerPoint file.  The Documents to Go app work very well for this purpose.  If you want to just open and view the file, and then do the presentation, you only need the free version of Documents to Go.  If you want the flexibility to be able to make last minute changes, you should purchase the full version of Documents to Go, or QuickOffice Pro.  Go to this post for more information about getting one of the apps.  --> Documents to Go / QuickOffice Details

Once you have the app installed, you need to get the PowerPoint file onto your tablet.  You can accomplish this by either transferring the file from your computer to the tablet using a USB cable, or email the file to an email address you have set up on the tablet, then detach and save the file.  If you need an USB cable, you can purchase one at the link above for the Tablet PC Store.

This post gives details about how to move files between your PC and tablet How to Move Files

Open the PowerPoint file, connect the tablet to a TV or projector, and present away!!
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