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Author Topic: How to read eBooks on a Tablet PC?  (Read 4895 times)

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How to read eBooks on a Tablet PC?
« on: December 07, 2011, 05:31:42 PM »
Read eBooks on a Tablet PC
An Android tablet PC has many options for eReaders and sources for eBooks.  You can choose from Google Books, Amazon Kindle Books, Kobo books, or Barnes and Noble (Nook).  The Android Market has free apps for each of these options.  In all cases, after you install the app and set up an account with the eBook provider, you can purchase books via the app and download to the tablet.

I prefer the Kobo eBooks for both eBooks and newspapers.  Also good is Google eBooks or the Amazon Kindle eBooks, however the Nook from Barnes and Noble has the best options for magazines and newspapers.  Google eBooks has a good selection of eBooks, but does not have magazines or newspapers. Amazon magazine and newspaper subscriptions work only on their actual Kindle tablet, not on the Android version of the Kindle app.

If you travel internationally, the Kobo eReader has the most options for buying books from abroad, plus they have international editions of magazines. They are also a good option for eBooks and they have an Android based eReader app that works very well. Click here for the Kobo eReader.

Click here for more information about the Amazon Fire eReader Tablet

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