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Author Topic: How to add photos to a tablet PC?  (Read 6230 times)

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How to add photos to a tablet PC?
« on: December 07, 2011, 06:15:03 PM »
Copy Photos from your PC to a Tablet PC
The process to copy or move photos from your PC to a tablet PC is easy to do once you get the two devices connected.  You will need to use your USB port to copy photo files from your computer or camera.  Most tablet PCs come with a USB cable to connect your tablet to your computer.  If you do not have a USB cable, go to the Tablet PC Store to purchase one.

If you have received the upgrade to Android 3.1, and if you have a digital camera with a USB port, you should be able to connect your camera directly to your tablet using the USB ports on both devices.  When you open the File management app on your tablet, you should be able to see the camera as if it is another storage drive.  Copy the photo files you want and paste them into the Pictures folder on your tablet.

If you have received the Android 3.2 upgrade, or already have Android 3.2 or higher running on your tablet, and you have the same type of SD memory card slot on your tablet as you do on your camera, you can insert the memory card from your camera into your tablet and copy the files from the memory card.

The most universal method, which works with all versions of Android, is to copy the photos from your camera to your computer.  Then connect your tablet to your computer via USB connections and copy the files over to your tablet.
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