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Author Topic: How to Wipe, Reset or Erase everything on an Android tablet?  (Read 14356 times)

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How to Wipe, Reset or Erase everything on an Android tablet?
« on: March 05, 2012, 09:27:07 PM »
Backup Data, then Reset to Factory settings Erase all your data and do a factory reset.

If you ever sell, or send your tablet in for repairs – be sure to erase all your personal data first.  This is also referred to wiping the data, or doing a factory data reset.

The process restores your tablet to the original settings and content that it came with from the factory.

You can first back up all your data before erasing everything.

Do the following to create a backup:
  • Touch Settings
  • Touch Privacy
  • Touch the check box next to Back up my data
  • Provide your Google account ID that you want your data backed up under.
After the backup has completed, do the following to reset the tablet:
  • Touch Settings
  • Touch Privacy
  • Touch Factory data reset
  • Read the warning message then touch Reset tablet
You can use the Restore process to re-install your data at a later point.
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