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Author Topic: How to Add a Go Daddy EMail account to the Android EMail Client?  (Read 3268 times)

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How to add a Go Daddy EMail account to the Android EMail Client?

These steps are general instructions, you may have to tweak them a little for your specific needs, but should work fine for most.

  • Touch Apps in the upper right corner of your Android tablet
  • Find the EMail app and touch it to open
  • If you already have other email account set up, then touch Add Account
  • Enter the Email address and Password for the account you are adding
  • Touch Manual setup
  • Touch POP3
  • In the POP3 server field, type the following:
  • Port = 110
  • Delete email from server: Never means the emails will remain on the server and can be picked up again from another email client; When I delete from Inbox means the email will be deleted from the server when you delete the email from your inbox.  Select either Never or When I delete from inbox.
  • Touch Next
  • In the SMTP Server field, type the following:
  • Port = 80
  • Check the Require Signin box and assure your userid and password it correct
  • Touch Next
  • Check the fields according to your preferences
  • Touch Next
  • Touch Done
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