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Author Topic: How to un-zip or unpack a downloaded compressed file on an Android tablet?  (Read 3356 times)

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How to unzip or unpack a zipped or compressed file?

The Android OS does not include an App to unzip or unpack compressed files.  You may have downloaded a file with a file format or extension such as .ZIP, .RAR, .TAR and .7ZIP.  These are compressed files that are smaller than the actual files.  Compressed files are faster to download, but then you need to un-compress them.

The files are easily extracted by unzipping or decompressing them with utililties such as WinZip, AndroZip File Manager, Astro File Manager, etc.  I recommend AndroiZip, since it will extract several of the file formats.  WinZip only extracts ZIP files. These apps are found on Google Play along with many other apps.

Once you download an app to extract files, the app will automatically open whenever you open a compressed file. 
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