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Author Topic: How do I change the language on my Android tablet?  (Read 5945 times)

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How do I change the language on my Android tablet?
« on: August 01, 2012, 07:40:22 PM »
How do I change the language on my Android tablet?

It is possible to change the input language used on your tablet, however, you cannot change the language of the Android operating system.  If you change the preferred language, the menus of your OS will remain in the original language of what was installed on your tablet.  However, you can input data using a different language.

To change the language of the OS, contact your manufacturer support team and purchase a new OS version in your desired language.

For example, if your Android tablet came with an English version, you can change the input language to German for the purpose of composing emails, documents, calendars, contacts, etc.  But the OS, including menus, etc will remain in English.

Your Android tablet supports many different input languages.  To change the language used, follow the steps below to change your input language.

For Android versions prior to Android 4.0:
  • Open Settings
  • On the Left side, near the end, Touch Language & Input
  • Locate and choose the language you would like to use

For Android 4.0:
  • Open Settings
  • On the Left side, under the Personal heading, Touch Language & Input
  • On the Right, under Keyboard & Input Methods, Touch Default
  • Touch Configure Input methods
  • On the right side of Android keyboard, Touch the Settings icon
  • Touch Input Languages
  • Touch on the check mark to the right of Use system language to remove the check mark
  • Under the heading Active Input Methods, Touch the box to the right of the language you want to use
  • Go back to Settings
  • Touch Language & Input
  • Under the Language & Input heading, Touch Language and touch the keyboard you prefer to use

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