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Android 4.1 Details (Jelly Bean)

Android 4.1 Details (Jelly Bean)

Android 4.1 Details (Jelly Bean)

Android 4.1 details, Jelly Bean, adds enhancements and productivity improvements to your compatible tablet PC.

The same time Google announced their Nexus 7 tablet PC, they also announced the next version of Android. Previous speculation was that the code name “Jelly Bean” would be for Android 5.0. But Google has broken away from their previous version control standard and has announced that Android 4.1 would be code named “Jelly Bean”

Here is what we know about what Jelly Bean will add:

User Interface Improvement

One of the goals for Jelly Bean was to make the user interface as “smooth as butter”. The new version will process the User Interface (UI) separately from applications. They also added lots of caching to the UI process. When you touch the screen, the OS instantly turns on another processor to increase the speed of the interaction, then turns it back off when you lift your finger to save on the battery. This means smoother processing, less lags, etc.
If the tablet will support it, the UI will display video at a much faster 60 fps instead of the standard 30 fps. Which means faster, smoother video.

Adding applications to the various home screens will function smoother with easier insertion of widgets between other icons. Icons and widgets will automatically re-size themselves if they are too big, and move out of the way of other new icons and widgets.

Camera Improvements

After you take a photo, with just a pinch and a swipe of a finger, you can change to film strip mode to view the photos. Delete photos by dragging them to the top of the screen. Accidentally delete a photo, there is an undo feature.

Better Notification System

Android 4.1 will make the notification panel more useful with direct actions you can do from a notification. Reminders will show up better and you can send an email directly from a notification event. Notifications also have full integration with social apps such as Facebook and Twitter.

Better and Smarter Keyboard

You can now type by swiping your finger around the keyboard, without lifting a finger!! Android now makes better use of its dictionaries and better anticipates the next word you will type. Improved text-to-speech capabilities, makes voice typing on an Android tablet even better; it even works when not connected to the internet.

Smarter User Input

Before you could search your tablet from voice commands, now your tablet will talk back to you with a Siri-like voice-control system. When you combine voice commands with Knowledge Graph, you can get search results summarized on a screen instead of just links to web pages.

New Browser

Android 4.1 now delivers Chrome as the default browser, which offers much better integration with your desktop browser as far as syncing bookmarks, history, and you can even make your tablet’s browser open the same tabs as what is currently on your desktop.

Android Beam

Now your tablet can beam data from one tablet to another using Near Field Communication (NFC). Ok, so both tablets will need NFC capability, which is a feature in short supply on current tablets. However, the Nexus 7 offers NFC functionality. For instance, you can share a photo with another tablet just by touching the tablets together.

Google Now

An optional feature called Google Now will use information on your tablet to refine search results. It will look at your browser history, location, calendar, emails, etc. to narrow down what you are looking for. Optional – to be sure.

So Google has improved Android a little more, and is adding to the user experience making using tablets more interesting and fun.

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