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Lose WIFI connectionLosing WiFi connection on Android tablet or phone

Android tablets or phones losing the WiFi connection is a common problem, but has an easy fix. When your tablet or phone goes to sleep, it can drop the WiFi connection.

Do the following to solve a losing WIFI issue:

  1. Open Settings, then Connections, WiFi, then Advanced
  2. Scroll down looking for “Keep WiFi on during sleep” (you may need to touch “View More” to see this)
  3. Touch “Keep WiFi on during sleep” and change the setting to “Always”

If you’re still having a problem with losing WIFI, try this:

  1. Open Settings, then Connections, WiFi
  2. Do a long touch (touch and hold) on the connected network
  3. Touch “Manage network settings”
  4. Select the option for “Show advanced options”
  5. Check the “IP settings” it should say DHCP and the “Proxy” should be “None”
  6. If you made any changes, be sure to touch “Save”

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