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Read eBooks on Android Phones and Tablets

Read eBooks on Android

Read eBooks on Android Phones and Tablets

What is the best app to read eBooks on Android phones and tablets?

Read eBooks on Android TabletsYou can read eBooks on Android phones and tablets using one of many eBook apps.  You can choose from Google Play Books, Amazon Kindle Books,  or Barnes and Noble (Nook).  The Google Play Store has free apps for each of these options.  In all cases, after you install the app and set up an account with the eBook provider, you can purchase books via the app and download to your phone or tablet.  The draw back to using one of these apps is that each one is dedicated to their own file format.  For example, you cannot read an Kindle formatted book using the Barnes and Noble Nook app.

The Nook app from Barnes and Noble has the best options for magazines and newspapers. Also good is Google eBooks or the Amazon Kindle eBooks. Google eBooks has a good selection of eBooks, but does not have magazines or newspapers.  Amazon magazine and newspaper subscriptions work only on their actual Kindle tablet, not on the Android version of the Kindle app.

The best eBook reading app, that will allow you to read nearly all the different eBook formats, is PocketBook.  This is a great app that will also allow you to convert one eBook format into another.  It will connect to its own cloud for storing books which allows you to install PocketBook on many devices and read the same book from any device.  You can download PocketBook from Google Play for free.

Using PocketBook for reading eBooks allows you to download an eBook from any source and be able to read it.  There are many free eBooks available to download directly from the internet.  Just do a search using “free ebook” and a search term.

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