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How to sideload apps or data?

Sideload Apps

How to Sideload apps or data?

Before we discuss how to sideload apps or data to an Android tablet, first, let’s talk about what Sideloading is and why you might need to do this.

Sideloading is the process of installing an app or data bypassing the normal process.  For instance, if you wanted to load an app onto your tablet that is not from Google Play, Android Market, or whatever app store your tablet uses, then this would be referred to as sideloading an app.

If your tablet is set up to use Google Play, and you sideload an app from another source, then Google Play app list will not include it.  Nor will Google Play manage any updates or upgrades for the app.

For example, if you want to install an app from the Amazon App Store, or other websites, you will need to use sideloading to do so.  And this post will tell you how to sideload apps.

In addition to how to sideload apps, you can also sideload data.  For instance, if you are using the Barnes and Noble Nook for Android app, you can gain access to ePub files from a source other than Barnes and Nobel and sideload it into the app.

how to sideload appsFirst, let’s discuss how to sideload an app.  Before you can sideload an app, you need to tell your tablet that it is OK to install non-Android Market applications. On your Android tablet, do the following:

  • Touch Settings
  • Touch Applications
  • Touch the check box next to Unknown sources

You will get a message telling you that by doing this that you agree that you are solely responsible for any damage to your tablet or loss of data that my result from using these applications – Click OK if you agree.

Now all you need to do is download the app, then using a file manager app, find the downloaded file and touch it.  It will automatically initiate the installation process.

Sideloading data to the Android Nook app is a bit simpler.  First, download the ePub file you want to view using the Nook app and download it to your tablet.  Then, using a file manager app, copy the file to \Nook\MyDocuments.  When you open the Nook app, you will find the file under “My Files” on the first dropdown menu.

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