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Manage Location Services

Android Location Services

How to control how the tablet knows where you are and Location services uses GPS to identify your location.

Manage Location services from Google will track your location using GPS coordinates. This is within 3 meters of where you actually are. Location Reporting from Google is by device and will also track if you are walking, driving, or biking. This information is stored on Google’s cloud. Location History stores all your locations for all your combined devices that have Location Reporting turned on. You can look at and manage your Location History at the Google Location History . You can turn off Location History, but by turning it off will not delete your previous Location History. Turning off Location History will not turn off Location Reporting, GPS, or Wi-Fi location services on your tablet. If you don’t want your location tracked, you need to turn off Location Reporting on your tablet or phone. There are two places that will control how your Android tablet knows where you are. The tablet itself has a setting that you can turn on or off that tracks your location. And Google Settings also has a setting that will locate you if it is turned on. To toggle on/off the Location Reporting setting on your tablet:
  • Touch Settings
  • Touch Connections, then touch Location Services
  • Touch the check box next to Access to my Location to toggle Location Reporting on or off
Tablet Location To toggle on/off the Location Reporting in Google Settings: You must be logged into your Google Account to complete these instructions. This will turn on or off location reporting from just the one device. You must perform these steps from each Android device you have.
  • Touch the Apps icon and find the Google Settings app, then touch the Google Settings app icon
  • Touch Location
  • Touch the check box next to Access Location
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