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How to add Outlook, Hotmail, or Yahoo email on Android phones or tablets?

Outlook, Hotmail or Yahoo Email on Android TabletsHotmail has been discontinued in favor of Outlook.  So if you still have an Hotmail account, you should convert it to Outlook.  When you open your Hotmail account, it will ask you to convert to Outlook. You can use Outlook, Hotmail or Yahoo Email on Android Tablets.

Both Outlook and Yahoo have apps on the Google Play store that you can download for free to access email functions.  However, your tablet PC has a web browser and it is much better to use the browser to access your Outlook or Yahoo features.

For instance, for Yahoo, if you go to you will see a Yahoo screen specifically designed for a tablet PC along with email login, etc.  And for Outlook, you can use the browser to go directly to

The best option….. is to configure the email app that came with the tablet to access your Outlook and/or Yahoo accounts and pull the emails directly down to your tablet.

How to add Outlook, Yahoo, or other email providers to the EMail app?

  • Find the EMail app icon and touch it to open it
  • Touch the Settings icon in the upper right corner to open the Account Settings
  • Touch the Add account icon in the upper right corner
  • Follow the instructions on the screen

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