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Factory Reset an Android phone or tablet

Factory reset Android

How to reset an Android phone or tablet to original Factory settings?

Reset to Factory settings – Wipe the Data

Do a reset on your Android phone or tablet first if you ever sell, or send your tablet in for repairs – be sure to erase all your personal data first.  This is also referred to wiping the data, or doing a factory reset.

Factory Reset an Android TabletThe process restores your Android phone or tablet to the original settings and content that it came with from the factory.

You can first back up all your data before erasing everything.

Create a backup:

  • Touch Settings
  • Touch Privacy
  • Touch the check box next to Back up my data
  • Provide your Google account ID that you want your data backed up under.

Reset the phone or tablet:

  • Touch Settings
  • Touch Privacy
  • Touch Factory data reset
  • Read the warning message then touch Reset tablet

You can use the Restore process to re-install your data at a later point.

On some newer Android devices, the procedure is different.

  • Touch Settings
  • Touch General management
  • Touch Reset
  • Touch Factory data reset


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