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How to change your password remotely on an Android phone or tablet?

How to change your Android password

How to change your password remotely on an Android phone or tablet

Google has made available a nice feature to help with how to change your password remotely on your Android phone, tablet, etc.  This feature is called Android Device Manager and it will do the following:

  • Find a lost tablet or phone – you can click on the Ring button to ring the phone to help you find it. Or if it is not near you, it will show you on a map where your device is when it was last used.
  • If the device is lost, you can remotely reset** it, which will wipe clean all the data on it.
  • You can remotely lock** the device so the person who has it cannot use it without the passcode.
  • If you have forgotten the passcode, you can remotely reset or change the passcode**

** In order to use the remote reset, remote lock, or remotely change the passcode, you must first activate this feature on the device. This is how you do that:

  • From any PC, go to Android Device Manager and log in using your Google log in ID (gmail account).
  • If you have multiple Android devices registered with Google, you will need to click on the small down arrow to select the device you want to activate.
  • Click on Setup Lock & Erase
  • You need to send a notification to the device to activate the feature, click on the Send button.
  • Go to the device and look in the notifications section to see the request, click on OK.

Now the feature is activated to remotely lock, reset, wipe, or change the device.

To use the Android Device Manager, you can access the web version using this link: Android Device Manager or you can download the app to your Android device from the Google Playstore: Android Device Manager App

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