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Protect your Android phone or tablet against harmful Apps

Protect Android Apps

Protect your Android Phones or Tablets with “Verify Apps” to protect against harmful apps.

Protect your Android TabletProtect your Android tablet by using the Security section of Android, which includes a function called “Verify Apps“. When Verify Apps is turned on, Android will scan all apps when you install them to verify the app will not harm your tablet. Verify Apps also continuously scans the apps on your tablet to assure it does not contain any harmful apps.

To turn this feature on:

  • Touch Settings 
  • Touch Security (you may have to Touch the General tab first)
  • Scroll down looking for Verify Apps 
  • Touch the Check Box to activate

If you attempt to install an app that may be unsafe, you may see one of the following dialogs:

  • Installing this app may harm your device “The app may be harmful to your device and personal information”.Protect your Android Tablet
  • Installation has been blocked “The app is harmful and can’t be installed”.

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