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Remove Duplicate Files

remove duplicate files

Find and Remove Duplicate Files

You may need to remove duplicate files from your Android device. Over time as you download files, create files, download music, etc.  You may end up with duplicate files taking up precious space in your phone or tablet.  If your Android phone or tablet has limited storage space, it may slow down since it has limited space for caching your active work.  Keep your phone or tablet clean by clearing out unwanted or unneeded files, temporary files, unused cache files, etc.

How do you remove duplicate files on your phone or tablet?Find files on Android

How do you find them to delete?

You can open your file manager and look for files.  Maybe you can sort on the file size and look for files that are the exact same size. Or sort on file name and look for files with similar file names.

The quickest way is to download an app specifically designed to look for duplicate files and help you remove them. Open Google Play and search on “find duplicate files” and you’ll see some apps listed.  A very good one is “Duplicate Files Finder”.

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