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How to see the WiFi password

WiFi password on Android

How can you see the WiFi password?

WiFi passwords are stored on your Android phone or tablet.  Depending on the version of Android you have, you may or may not need to root your device in order to look up the passwords.  If your Android phone or table is rooted, then you can find the file that contains the passwords of all your WiFi connections in the data\misc\wifi directory.
If your phone is not rooted, then you can try using an app called Super Manager, or another app called Root Explorer.  Using one of these apps you can see the WiFi password if you go to the data\misc\wifi directory.

Another method to see the WiFi password is to access the admin page on the router that you are connected to and look up the WiFi password on the router.

  • Open a browser and type, this will connect you direct to the router.
  • Sign into the router as admin.  Most routers come with a default user name = admin and password = admin.  Most people never change the password.
  • Find a link to Wireless Security and click on it.  The password will be displayed there.

If you have Android version 10 on your Android phone or tablet, you’re in luck since there is an easier way to find the WiFi password.

This versions allows you to view WiFi passwords from your QR Scan code.

  • Open settings
  • Tap Network and internet
  • Select the WiFi section
  • Tap the setting icon on the extreme right of your active WiFi connection
  • Tap the QR code share button
  • Enter your pin, password, biometrics or pattern

The popped up windows will display you the unique QR code for your WiFi network. Scanning this code through another smartphone will immediately connect the device on to the primary network.

You can also see the WiFi password android under the QR code for logging in on devices that cannot log in on WiFi with QR code.

If you want to change a WiFi password used for connecting to a WiFi router, “How to change a WiFi password?

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