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Make Android phone or tablet run faster?

Make Android phone or tablet run faster

Speed up your Android phone or tablet?

Make Android phone or tablet run faster by doing some clean up of apps, and take control of some RAM hogging apps.

Over time, like any PC, your tablet may slow down as a result of installing and uninstalling apps, or installing apps that will slow down your tablet by using too much memory.

Especially if you have an older Android device, and you are installing newer apps on it. The newer apps are designed to use the faster quad-core processors, and if you have a dual-core or single core processor, it may not run so fast.

Here are some things to do to make Android phone or tablet run faster:

  • Remove any apps you are not using, these may be running in the background without you knowing and using up RAM.
  • If you have installed and removed many apps during the life of your tablet, you may have apps that did not completely uninstall with the removal process. Install a Device Manager app and it will show you what apps are running in RAM. Then you can determine if you have any unwanted apps still lingering using up RAM.
  • Remove any duplicate files that are taking up precious space. (How to find and remove duplicate files?)
  • Verify all your apps are running the most current version (How to make sure an App is running the most current version?).
  • If you have a bunch of old unwanted apps, and you have already performed the removal process for them. Then the only way to get rid of them is to do a factory reset (How to do a Factory Reset?).
  • A factory reset is a quick way to clean up your tablet and start over with a fresh tablet. Be sure to do a complete backup of data (How to backup an Android tablet?) before performing a factory reset since it will wipe out all your data.
  • A couple of apps, one called “Clean Master” and another is “CCleaner” are available from Google Play and they do a great job of cleaning up the junk files in your tablet’s memory and storage.
  • If you have a rooted tablet, there are apps like Greenify and LagFix that can give you more control of system apps that may be using too much memory or processor cycles.
  • Also, if you have a rooted tablet, you can wipe everything, flash a new and more current OS, which may help the performance of your tablet.

Please be aware that we do not recommend rooting a tablet unless you have advanced Android technical knowledge.

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