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QR code Reader for Android

QR code reader for Android

How to read a QR code on Android

QR code reader for Android is more common than ever.  If you have a newer Android phone or tablet with Android 9 or later, you’re in luck since the camera will automatically sense the QR code and automatically scan it.Scan QR Code on Android

You may need to open the settings of the camera app and turn on the option to scan QR codes.

Scanning a QR code can do several things.  Many codes are merely a link to a website, so the website link will appear on your Android phone or tablet when you scan the code. Touch on the link to open the website.

Sometimes the QR code scan will take you to another app to download, or to a product page for something to buy.  Many banks are using QR codes to make a purchase or to connect to an account.

If you have an earlier version of Android.  Then all you need to do is download an app from Google Play.

Open Google Play and search on “QR Code reader”.  You’ll see several to chose from.  I like the QR Code & Barcode Scanner app.

You can try others and decide which one is best for you.

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