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What size external storage will my Android tablet read?

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What size external storage will my Android phone or tablet use?

What size external storage for AndroidThe answer to what you can use will vary with each Android device’s model and manufacturer.  So my response is a generic response which is true for most Android devices.  Some older Android devices will not support any external storage devices, however, most newer Android devices do allow for the insertion of additional memory.  What size external storage will your Android phone or tablet use? You must refer to the manufacturer’s documentation to see what size memory card your Android device can use.

An Android phone or tablet is able to read storage devices formatted for FAT16 or FAT32 file systems with a single partition.  FAT32 is more common, however a NTFS formatted memory card or external memory will allow you to store larger sized files. External storage device size limitations will be based on the limitations of these file systems.

If your Android phone or tablet is running Android a version less than 3.2, then your device will not support external memory addons. With the release of Android 4.4, many more Android devices can use external storage devices in the form of USB flash drives, and memory cards.  If your tablet has a USB “Hosted” port, then you can use additional external flash type memory devices.

You may have to get an adapter with a micro USB or USB Type C port on your phone or tablet to the standard USB port in order to connect these memory devices.

Most tablets can only see one storage device.  So if you have an SD memory card inserted, you should remove the SD card in order to see any USB connected storage device.

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