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Turn off the Camera Sound on Android

Turn off camera click

How to you turn off the camera sound on Android phones and tablets?

Perhaps you’re someplace you want to take pictures, but you don’t want the camera click sound disturbing other people.  Or maybe you’re taking a secret photo and you want to be discreet.

On most phones, all you need to do is open the camera app, go to the camera Settings, and find the camera sound toggle (Shutter sound) and change it to “Off”.

turn off the camera sound

turn off the camera sound

Some of the newer phones, like a Samsung S10, the camera app doesn’t have an option to turn off the sound.  In this case, you can

  • open the Settings on the phone,
  • touch on Sounds and
  • then Volume
  • then move the System Sounds bar to “Off”. 

Don’t forget to turn the System sounds back on when you’re finished using the camera.

For information about how you can remotely control a camera, Click here.

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