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Boost WiFi Signal on Android Phones and Tablets

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Boost WiFi Signal on Android Phones or Tablets

How to boost WiFi signal on Android phones or tablets

Boost WiFi SignalThe best way to boost a WiFi signal on Android phone or tablet is to move closer to the WiFi router antennae.  OK, so maybe you can’t do that.  There is nothing you can do to improve the reception on the tablet itself.  There are apps that claim to improve the signal quality by eliminating signal noise, and you can search the Google Play store using the search term “WiFi booster”.  Download a free one and test it out.  If it doesn’t work, uninstall it and try another one.

But, realistically,  the WiFi signal is a hardware issue and cannot be solved by throwing more software at it.  The best, and only reliable way, to boost a WiFi signal is to add a repeater into the network.  You can get a WiFi repeater, also known as a Range Extender, to increase the signal strength and expand the coverage.  Place the extender box somewhere between the existing WiFi generator, where there is a strong signal, and where you need the signal to be stronger.  The WiFi repeater will extent the signal strength to all devices that are connected to the WiFi connection.

Take a look at some suggested range extenders listed below.  These are easy to set up and you can get a good one for less than $30.  

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