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How to Clear Cache, History, and Cookies on Android phones or tablets

clear cache, history, and cookies

Clear Cache, Cookies, and History on Android phones or tablets?

Clear Cache, History, and CookiesYou must clear cookies, cache, and history on your Android phones or tablets to keep them running well.  It is important that you regularly perform maintenance on your Android phones and tablets. Over time, as you use your browser, your Android tablet will accumulate temporary data that may slow down the tablet.  When you access various websites, the browser automatically keeps history of the websites you visit.  Many websites will drop cookies into your tablet to use the next time you visit the website.  These cookies contain tracking information, login data, or information about what you looked at the last time you visited the website.

Your browser will also store website data in cache for frequently visited websites to minimize how much data needs to be downloaded the next time you visit the website.

The procedure to clean up the cache and history varies depending on which internet browser you are using.

Clear cache, cookies, and history in the Android Browser

If you are using the Browser app to access the internet, use this procedure:

  • Open Browser
  • Touch the menu button in the upper right corner
  • Touch Settings 
  • Touch Privacy and Security 
  •  To clear cache, Touch Clear cache, then Touch OK on the Clear Cache pop-up
  • To clear history, Touch Clear history, then Touch OK on the Clear History pop-up
  • To clear cookies, under the Cookies heading, Touch Clear all cookie data, then Touch OK on the Delete all Cookies pop-up

Clear cache, cookies, and history in Chrome

If you are using Chrome (Android 4.x + only), then use this procedure:

  • Open Chrome
  • Touch the menu button on the upper right corner
  • Touch Settings 
  • Touch Privacy and security
  • Touch Clear browsing data 
  • Choose a Time range – “All time” will clear everything, or you can choose a smaller time range.
  • Touch the check box next the the data you want to clear, then Touch Clear data

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