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Improve the Battery Life of Android Phones or Tablets

improve the battery life of android tablets

Improve the battery life of Android tabletsHow to improve the battery life of Android tablets or phones 

For those who can’t live without their Android tablet or phone, a battery quickly dying is very annoying.  Here are some tips that you can do to make the battery last longer between charges.

It is very important that you are charging the battery properly, here is an article to read about how to properly charge your Android phone’s battery.

First, the screen uses most of the battery life on Android tablets and phones.  Take the following steps to improve the battery life of Android tablets by reducing battery consumption by the screen:

Turn on Power saving mode:

    • Open Settings
    • If your tablet has tabs in Settings, touch the General tab
    • Under the Device manager heading, you will see a slider to turn on/off Power saving mode
    • If the slider is not green, then it is off, Touch the slider to the right to turn on this feature.
  • Turn off the screen manually when you are not looking at it.  Don’t wait for the screen timeout feature to automatically turn off the screen.

Check the screen settings:

    • Open Settings
    • If your tablet has tabs in Settings, touch the Device tab
    • Touch Display
    • Touch Brightness; if the Automatic brightness box is not checked, then touch the box to turn on Automatic brightness, then touch OK.  This feature will automatically dim or brighten the display depending on the brightness of the light you are using the tablet in.
    • If the Automatic brightness is already checked, you can touch and slide the Automatic brightness adjustment to the left to have an overall dimmer brightness control, which will save battery life.
    • Touch Screen timeout; if you shorten the timeout time, the screen will automatically turn off quicker, saving battery life.

Dark Mode:

Many wallpaper and apps have a dark or light mode option.  If you choose the dark mode, then that will turn off the brightness of your screen, which will cut down on battery usage.

Turn off unused connections:

  • To further improve the battery life of Android tablets, turn off communication features you are not using.  Features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, and Location (GPS) use the battery whenever they are turned on.  These features run in the background when turned on and you may never know they are on sucking up the battery life.  When you are not using a feature, turn it off.  For instance, if you are not using Wi-Fi, then turn it off.
    • Open Settings
    • If your tablet has tabs in Settings, touch the Connections tab
    • Touch Network connections, or look under the Network connections heading
    • Touch the slider buttons to turn off the features you are not using
    • Also look under the Connect and share heading, turn off Nearby devices if you are not using it

Turn off notifications:

  • If you are getting notices from Facebook, Line, and other apps regarding people making comments, or chatting, then go to the app and turn off the notifications so you do not get so many emails and notifications.  Each of these will use battery life while fetching the notifications.
  • Some apps will run in the background and use battery life.  To see what apps are running:
    • Open Settings
    • If your tablet has tabs in Settings, touch the General tab
    • Touch Application manager
    • Go to the Running tab
    • This is a list of all the apps that are currently running and using battery life.    For instance, Facebook and Line both use a lot of battery life.
    • Touch the app, then touch Stop, or Force Stop to turn off the app.
    • Also consider uninstalling any apps that you do not use, but are always running and consuming battery life.  The Facebook app, for instance, seems to be always running.  You can uninstall the app, and go to your Facebook page via the Internet browser app.

A great app to help you monitor battery usage, and it will automatically turn off any apps that are draining the battery, is Battery Doctor.  I use this app on my tablet and phone and it does a great job with improving battery life.  Plus, it aids during the charging process to prevent over charging the battery.

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