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Use Outlook on Android

How to use Outlook on Android devices?

Use Outlook on AndroidOutlook on Android devices can be very useful. is a fully functional personal information manager built by Microsoft.  Outlook is not new to Microsoft as it has been Microsoft’s web based email platform for several years.  

Hotmail was a competitor until Microsoft purchased them, and eventually, was converted over to Outlook.  Outlook contains all the email, contacts, and calendar data on the cloud and syncs with individual devices such as PCs, tablets, and phones.

To use Outlook, go to Google Play store and download the Outlook app.

The best way to use Outlook  is to download the app, and allow Android Sync to sync all the email, calendar, and contact data between the tablet and the Outlook cloud.  This way, you can use Outlook on all your devices, and the data will remain the same everywhere.

How to setup Outlook on an Android phone or tablet?

After you download Outlook and it is installed, you will need to configure it for the email accounts you want to use.  Outlook will support using several email accounts and bring the new emails into the same inbox for all accounts, or you can setup a different inbox for each email accounts.

When Outlook opens for the first time, touch Get Started and enter your email account information then touch on Continue. Proceed with adding the remainder of the required details and then you’re ready to use Outlook.

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