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Using VPN on Android Phones and Tablets

VPN on Android

Using VPN on Android Phones and Tablets

Using VPN on Android phones and tabletsHow to use VPN on Android phones and tablets

Virtual Private Network (VPN) adds additional security protocols which allows connection to a private network.  Using VPN on Android phones or tablets allows for an extra secure connection to the network.  VPN is usually offered by corporations, schools, etc. to allow users to connect into the internal private local network while not physically on location.

There are several ways to secure a VPN network. Before you can begin using VPN on Android phones or tablets and connect to a VPN network, you must get the security information from your IT people that set up the VPN network.  You must be connected to the internet in order to proceed with the VPN setup and to use the VPN connection.

Working with secure certificates

If the VPN connection security uses secure certificates, you must get the certificate information and add them in your tablet’s secure credential storage, before you can configure VPN access on your tablet.

If you need to download the certificates from a web site, you’ll be asked to setup a password for the credential storage when you download the certificates. If get the certificates in some other way, you will need to use the Security & location settings to set a password for the credential storage first.

To add a VPN:

  • From the home screen, touch Apps 
  • Touch Settings 
  • Touch Wireless & Networks 
  • Touch VPN Settings 
  • Touch Add VPN 
  • Touch the type of VPN you want to add
  • In the screen that opens, follow the instructions from your network administrator to configure each component of the VPN’s settings.
  • Touch the menu icon located at top right corner of the screen and Touch Save.

The VPN is added to the list on the VPN settings screen.  Now that the VPN is set up, for using VPN on Android phones or tablets, follow this procedure:

To connect to a VPN:

  • From the home screen, touch Apps 
  •  Touch Settings 
  • Touch Wireless & Networks 
  •  Touch VPN Settings 
  • Touch the VPN you want to connect to.
  • In the dialog that opens, enter any requested credentials and touch Connect.

When you’re connected to a VPN, you receive an ongoing notification in the status bar. If you are disconnected, you receive a notification that you can use to return to the VPN settings screen so you can reconnect to it.

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