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Cannot install Apps from Google Play

Google Play

Google Play will not allow you to install apps.

If you cannot install Apps from Google Play, you may need to reset the app on your Android phone or tablet. Be sure you have the correct Google Gmail account set up in your Accounts on your Android device and when you access Google Play, you are using the correct Gmail account. Sometimes an app can become corrupted with missing or damaged files.  When this happens, you should reinstall the app.   

Since this app is usually pre-installed on most Android phones and tablets, you cannot fix it by simply doing a reinstall.  First you need to clear out any updated files and data.  

If you have an off-brand Android device and you don’t have access to Google Play – Click here to learn the other places you can get Android apps.

Follow these steps to reset the Google Play app:

  • Open Settings, Applications, Manage Applications
  • Select “All”
  • Find the “Google Play” app and touch it
  • Touch on “Force Close”
  • Touch on “Clear Data”
  • Touch on “Uninstall Updates”

This will put the application back to its original condition.  Google will automatically re-download the updates to bring the app current.  This clears the problem with Google Play most of the time.

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