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Connect an Android Phone or Tablet to a PC

Connect an Android Tablet to a PC

Connect an Android Phone or Tablet to a PC

Connect an Android to a PC

There are a couple of ways to connect an Android phone or tablet to a PC.

If you want to connect an Android phone or tablet to a PC in order to move files between the tablet and the computer, the easiest way is to directly connect the two devices from USB port to USB port, using a USB cable.  Most tablets come with a USB cable to make this connection.

When you connect the cable to both devices, your computer will instantly see the tablet and install the needed drivers to facilitate the connection.  At this point, open the file manager (Explorer) on your computer (not the tablet) and you will see the tablet as another storage device which you and copy files to or from.

If you are interested in establishing a remote desktop connection between your tablet and your computer, check out this post for details on how to do this –> Remote Desktop Connection.

If both the desktop computer and the tablet have Bluetooth connections, and if the tablet is using Android 4.0 or greater, then you can connect the two devices together via Bluetooth.

Another option is to connect the PC and Android phone or tablet together via Wi-Fi.  This only works if the PC and Android are both connected to the same Wi-Fi router.  Then you can download an app, such as AirDroid, and following the instructions from AirDroid, you can make a connection and transfer files via Wi-Fi.

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