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Connect Android to a TV

connect an Android tablet to a TV

How to Connect Android to a TV?

Connect an Android phone or tablet to a TV is very simple.  You can Stream video from an Android tablet or phone to a TV, view photos, play games, do PowerPoint presentations, etc.  The HDMI output port on your tablet PC is very useful for these  purposes.

Most of the Android phones and tablets being sold have an HDMI output port on them.  The connectors are in different sizes, and I don’t believe any of them are coming with the HDMI cable included.  Many Android devices have a multipurpose port which works for charging the battery, USB connection and HDMI.

To connect Android to a TV, you’ll need to purchase a special cable specifically made for your tablet brand.  For HDMI, the cable will have a small connector on one end that fits into the multi port, and the other end will be a standard HDMI connector.

You can only connect an Android device to a HD TV that has a HDMI input port.  Once you connect the cable between your phone or tablet and the TV, you will need to change the input source on the TV to the HDMI input port that you used (most HD TVs have multiple HDMI input ports). Everything you see on your tablet will appear on the TV.  You do not need to do anything to the tablet to make the picture show on the TV.

Instead of using an HDMI cable to create the connection, another option is to use Cast to send the image from your Android phone or tablet to a TV – click here for more information.

There are many uses for connecting your phone or tablet to a TV for a larger screen:

  • Playing games
  • Viewing photos
  • Watching video
  • Streaming Movies or TV shows
  • Performing a PowerPoint presentation
  • Viewing an app

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