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How to use a SD Memory card on an Android Phone or Tablet?

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How to use a SD memory card slot on an Android phone or tablet

Most of the Android phone and tablets have a SD memory card slot so you can add more storage space.  Check your tablet specifications for details, but most will handle memory cards up to 32 GB, some newer tablet can use a 64 GB card.  Which adds a ton of storage space for pictures, MP3 files, or anything else.

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Where is the SD memory card slot on a tablet PC? The location varies from tablet to tablet, but it will be on one of the sides or edges of the tablet.  There will be a pull-out cover that you need to take out first, then insert the memory card.  The card can only be inserted one way, so do not force it.  If you get resistance putting the card in, then turn it around and try a different side.  The card will easily slide in and lock in place.  To remove the card, push it in, which unlocks it, then pull it out.

Like many of us that purchased the first Android tablets to hit the market, this card slot has been dormant for tablet owners with Android 3.0 and 3.1.  If you are an Android tablet owner in Europe, you gained access to your SD card with the release of Android 3.1.  The rest of us have to wait for the upgrade to Android 3.2 in order to use the SD card slot.  The Android tablet users with Android 2.3 or less have always had access to the SD card.  So, someone tell me, why did Google drop support for the SD card with 3.0?

Here is how to use a SD memory card, If you have access to the correct version of Android, and you have access to your SD card, how do you use it?

  • When you connect your tablet to a PC using the USB connections, you will see the SD card as a separate drive (see below).  You can copy files direct to the SD Card using your file manager.

SD on Explorer

  • On your tablet PC, you will find the data on the SD card at /mnt/external1 (the last digit is the number one).
  • The Gallery app will automatically see any photos or videos on the SD card.
  • You may need to go into the Setup of other apps to add the directory to the list of locations scanned.
  • A great free file manager, which can see the SD card data is File Manager HD (Honeycomb).  This app will let you move files from the internal storage to the SD Card directly on the tablet without connecting to a PC.

Other memory card related stuff:

  • You can leave the memory card in the tablet at all times, it doesn’t need to be removed.
  • To remove and or change the memory, the safest method it to first go to Setup, select Storage, then Unmount the SD card.  This way, you will be assured that nothing is using the memory card at the time you remove it.  When you insert a card again, it automatically is mounted.

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