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How to view PDF files on Android Phones and Tablets?

How to use PDF files on Android

How to view PDF files on Android phones or tablets is very simple.  Whether you received the PDF file as an attachment in an Email, or transferred the file from your PC, the Adobe Acrobat Reader app will work for you. There are other apps available including the Google PDF Reader.

The Google PDF Reader app is used to view PDF files stored on the Google Drive and is part of the Google Android for work program.

How to view PDF files on Android

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDF Viewer, Editor & Creator app from the Google Play store (Click Here).

Once you have downloaded and installed this free app, you will be able to open PDF files on your Android phone or tablet, including PDF email attachments, password protected PDF files, etc.

How to create PDF files on an Android phone or tablet?

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