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PowerPoint on an Android phone or tablet

Use PowerPoint on an Android tablet

PowerPoint on an Android Phone or Tablet

Using PowerPoint on an Android phone or tablet is not only possible, but it works very well.  You can download Microsoft PowerPoint for Android from Google Play Store.  This app allows you to create, edit, view and share PowerPoint files.  You must purchase, through Google Play Store, a subscription for Office 365 for Android.  This allows options for sharing, collaborating, and makes the files available for you to use on any PC or other Android devices.

Display your Presentation

One of the biggest advantages of having PowerPoint on your Android phone or tablet is that you can show a PowerPoint presentation easily.  The portability of the Android phone or tablet is very handy.  You can connect your Android phone or tablet to a large display screen either by using an HDMI cable (if your device has that connection available) or you can Cast the image to an HD TV; or you can create a wireless connection between your Android device and the TV.

Once you have the app installed, you need to copy the PowerPoint file onto your tablet.  

One of the great features of most Android phone and tablet devices is the HDMI out port.  You can use this to connect to any high definition TV, including LCD flat screens, or even a projector with an HDMI input port that will display the image on your tablet on the big screen for the entire audience to see.  This makes it easy to use PowerPoint on an Android phone or tablet to show PowerPoint presentations.

Open the PowerPoint file, connect the tablet to a TV or projector, and present away!!

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