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Stream Video, Music, PhotosThis method tells you how to stream video or stream music from a PC which is connected to the same network as your Android phone or tablet.  There are other methods to stream video, such as from You Tube, Amazon, Google, etc.  See other posts for details of how to stream from these other sources (“Stream Video to Android Phones or Tablets“). If you have access to a wireless network in your home or office which has servers and/or shared folders containing video or music files, you can use your tablet PC to access the shared folders to stream the video or music files from the PC to your tablet.

Download the app called UPnPlay from the Google Playstore.  Once this is installed, when you open the app it will see any shared locations that it is compatible with, including Windows PCs, Media Centers, DirecTV boxes, Game servers, etc. This app is not flashy, but simple and effective.  It will stream video files easily, however, your android tablet comes with a pre-installed Video app which only supports MP4 files.  So if you also install the app MX Video Player then you can stream videos in several other formats including MP4, avi, wmv, etc. 

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