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Stream Video to Android phones and tablets?

Stream Video to Android phones and tablets

Stream Video to Android phones or tablets?

How to watch a movie on an Android phone or tablet

There are a few options to stream video to Android tablets.  These services offer rented new releases, TV shows, free movies, concerts, etc.  All these services require that you download an app, but the apps are free and easily installed.  Additionally, they all require that you pay a subscription fee, which in all cases is nominal.

  • The Google Movies feature in the Android Market is a great choice.  Google Movies will stream video to Android tablets as well as other types of tablets. They offer new releases, old movies, post season TV shows, etc. Google Movies is not a monthly subscription service.  You pay for the movies individually as you rent them.  If you don’t rent, you don’t pay.  You must have a Google account and have a credit card on file in your Google Wallet.  Check out this post for more information about Google Movies –> Android Market Movies.
  • Netflix has an app which will stream video to Android tablets, but you first need to subscribe and pay the monthly fee.  Netflix offers pretty much the same set of movies and post-season TV shows as Google Movies, however, they have a much broader selection.  With Netflix, you pay a monthly fee for unlimited movies.  But if you don’t watch, you still pay.  Fortunately, you can suspend your account with Netflix if you will be traveling, or will not be watching any movies for several weeks.  Check out their movie selection and subscription options here –> Netflix Website then Click here to get the Netflix app from the Android Market –> Netflix App
  • If you just want to watch music videos or concerts, then QUELLO is a good option.  You pay for a concert to watch, then you have 30 days to watch the video as many times as you like.  The fee is $4.99, and the videos are all in a HD format.  So connect your tablet to some external speakers, and enjoy the show and great music.  Get the QUELLO app here –> QUELLO App
  • Amazon Prime also has many videos that can be streamed to your Android device.
  • There are many videos on YouTube that can be easily streamed.
  • HULU has an Android app that allows you to stream TV shows and watch movies.  Get the HULU app: Click here —> HULU 

If you cannot use any of these services or if you do not want to rent video and want to view video you already own, then you still have some other options.

  1. Purchase the movie on DVD, but buy the disc set that includes a digital copy of the movie.  Then put the DVD into the DVD drive of your computer and copy the digital copy from the DVD to the tablet using a USB connection between the computer and tablet PC; or follow the instructions to stream video below.  If the digital copy is not in a MP4 format, you may want to download the  app MX Video Player which will play videos in several other common formats including avi and wmv.   For more details of how to transfer the files from your PC to your tablet, refer to this post –>Connect your tablet PC to a computer.
  2. Stream Video – If you have the movies loaded into a shared folder on the hard drive of your PC, and if your PC is connected to a wireless network, then you can download an app called UPnPlay from the Android Market which will connect your tablet to your shared drives where your movie files are stored.  In fact this app will allow you to stream music and picture files as well as video.   The Video app that is pre-installed on android tablets is limited to MP4 files, so if you also download the app MX Video Player then you can stream video coded in most formats.
  3. Rip the DVD to your PC – You can purchase software that runs on your PC that will convert the DVD video to a MP4 format so you can view the video on your tablet.  After you convert the video to MP4, you can use a USB connection to move the MP4 file from your PC to your tablet.

You can always use the browser on your tablet to access the various network websites and watch episodes from there.

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