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Sync Android phones or tablets with a Computer

Sync Android with PC

Sync Android phones or tablets with a Computer

Sync Android tablets with a ComputerSync Android tablets with a computer to keep your calendar, contacts, tasks, and other data the same on on all devices.  Using the Android sync feature can keep all your data connected with apps such as GMail, Evernote, Google Calendar, Google Tasks, Contact lists, etc.

Sync GMail data between your Android phone, tablet and computer

It is annoying to have to enter contact, calendar, tasks, etc. on multiple devices.  Wouldn’t it be nice to update any one of your devices, then have the data automatically sync’d to all your other devices? The following will tell you how to sync Android tablets with a computer to keep all the data sync’d.

Using this process to sync the GMail data between my tablet PC and other computers, I can add a new contact to my phone, and it will automatically show up on my desktop, laptops and tablets.

Google GMail and Chrome

The best and easiest way to sync Android tablets with a computer is to use Google mail (GMail) for everything.  Yes, you have to create a Google mail account, if you don’t already have one.  But, you can use Gmail to send and receive emails using your POP, or Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. accounts.

The sync feature is in Google Chrome, so you also need to install Chrome, which is a great browser and pre-cursor to the new Chrome OS.  I use Chrome for all my internet needs, and occasionally use Internet Explorer.

I have several email addresses, and I use GMail to receive emails from all of them.  GMail has contact lists, a calendar, and tasks.  Plus, GMail will import these from your other email account so you don’t have to manually type them in again.  Once you do the import, you should maintain them ONLY in GMail to keep everything in sync.

After you get your GMail all set up, go to options in Chrome and turn on the Sync feature.  The actual sync is performed over the internet, you do not need to connect directly to your PC.

Then, also turn on the sync feature on your android tablet PC, which is found in Settings.  Now, anytime you make a change on either your tablet or desktop, the change will sync automatically to the other.  Of course, both devices need to be connected to the internet for the sync to happen.

Another Option

If you don’t want to use GMail and Chrome, there are other options.  Such as the software developed by  They have a free app on the Android Market called The Missing Sync for Android.  Plus, you need to go to their website and spend $40 for the desktop version.  With this software installed, you can sync your Outlook data with your android tablet or phone.

This option uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and/or USB connection to accomplish the sync.

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