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Video Calls on Android Phones and Tablets

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Video Calls on Android

Video calls on Android phones and tablets are common and easy to do. There are many apps that allow video calls or chats on Android phones and tablets.  Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, Google Voice, Zoom, Skype, etc.  These apps are easy to use and work well.

To use these apps, the people on both ends of the call must be using the same app.  For example, you cannot use Messenger to call someone using WhatsApp. If you are using WhatsApp and you want to call someone who is not using WhatsApp, you can send them an invitation to download and join WhatsApp.

These apps generally identify people with their phone number and if you have the person already in your contacts on your phone, then the app will see them and show them as a user you can call.  For international calls, you must save the person in your contacts list with their phone number including their country code.  For example, instead of using a number like 818-555-1212, you should store the number as +1-818-555-1212.

It is easy to use, just open the app, add contacts, and when you see the green dot next to someone’s name, that means they are online and available to chat.

If the video call is not showing the video well, you may have a poor internet connection which cannot handle both audio and video.  If you turn off the video on your phone, then you can proceed with a audio only conversation.

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