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View Word, Excel or PowerPoint Attachments in Email on Android?

view word, excel, or powerpoint for android


To view Word, Excel or PowerPoint attachments in email on Android phones or tablets. first you need to download and install Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Android.  Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint have become extremely popular for creating files.  These files are frequently emailed to others for their review or feedback.  Android devices can open these types of files without issue of you have the apps installed on your Android phone or tablet.  Once you have opened the file, you have options for editing, enhancing, etc. For instructions on how to install Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps, go to this link: Install Word, Excel and PowerPoint 

After you have installed Word, Excel and PowerPoint, then when you receive an email with a file attached, just tap on the attachment and it will open in the appropriate app.

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