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How to watch a DVD movie on an Android tablet

How to watch a DVD movie on Android phone or tablet?

Many people want to watch a DVD movie on Android phones or tablets.  As of this date, there is not an external DVD player that can connect to an Android tablet PC.  So watching a movie directly from a DVD disc is not possible.

However, many DVD movies also are now including a digital version of the movie which you can copy to a computer, then either copy the movie file to your tablet via USB connection, or copy the movie to a USB storage device and plug it into your tablet.  Then use the Video app which comes with Android to watch the movie.

The easiest way to watch a movie on your Android phone or tablet is to use the movie feature from Google Play Store.  If you have a Netflix account, you can download the Netflix app from Google Play and watch movies.  The Netflix Android app has a nice feature that allows you to download the movie to your phone or tablet and watch the movie offline.

There are 3rd party applications for a PC that will rip the movie from the DVD to a MP4 or an AVI file.  Check out this link for more information —> How to rip a DVD to a computer.

More information about how to stream video to an Android tablet or phone.

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