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Watch a Movie on Android phones or tablets

Watch a Movie on Android phones or tablets

There are a few options to watch a movie on Android phones or tablets.  All these options are compatible with connecting your tablet’s HDMI port to your HD TV.  Which is very cool so you can stream the movie or TV show with your tablet, and watch it on your TV.

First, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime and get unlimited, commercial free, streaming of TV shows, and movies to your tablet PC.   Amazon Prime costs $12.99 per month.  Click here for more information Amazon Instant Video.  There are other benefits of being a member of Amazon Prime.

The movie streaming option will work on most Android phones and tablets that have a fast internet connection.  Currently, Amazon Instant video does not have an option to download the movie to your tablet to watch later when not connected to the internet.

Another easy way to watch a movie on a tablet PC is via Movies in Google Play.  When you go to Google Play, if you can see the Movies tab, then your tablet is capable of downloading and watching movies from Google Play.

Watch a Movie on Android tablets

If you can see the Movies option, then you first need to download and install the free Google Videos app from here –>Videos App

After this app is installed, you can use it to view movies rented from the Android Market, or view personal videos.  The movies from the Android Market are great since you can watch them by either streaming, or directly download to your tablet to view when not connected to the internet.

If you do not have access to the Movies option in the Android Market, your best option is to download movies to a computer, then transfer the movie file to your tablet via either USB connection, or USB storage card.

Netflix has a new app which works well on an Android tablet, but you first need to subscribe and pay the monthly fee. Click here to get the Netflix app from Google Play –> Netflix

All these services provide limited access to movies to tablets located outside of the USA.  However, they are slowly expanding into more countries.

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