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How to use Word, Excel or PowerPoint for Android phones and tablets?

Word, Excel or PowerPoint for Android are all available to download from Google Play.  The free version will allow you to perform most functions on all three apps.  Microsoft no longer offers the free version of these apps.  In order to use Word, Excel or PowerPoint on your Android phone or tablet, you must subscribe to Microsoft Office 365.

Once you have subscribed, you can create, edit, view and share files created on a PC.  Files you create on your Android device can be uploaded to your PC and continue to edit using the desktop versions.  You can save the files that you create on your Android device to Google Drive or to Microsoft OneDrive.  The files can then be opened by any device (Windows, iOS, Android) and further edited and saved again.  The iOS versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint also require that you pay a subscription fee to use. 

If you create a Microsoft account you can purchase Office 365 to use on your PC and then easily share files between all your PCs and Android devices.  The subscription to Office 365 is paid for using your Google Play Store account.  

If you always save the files that you create using Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint to the Microsoft OneDrive, then it is easy to save the file and then open again on another device to continue editing.

Another option is to use the Google versions of the apps which will allow you to create, edit or view documents using the Word, Excel or PowerPoint formats.  These apps are Google Sheets for Excel files, and Google Docs for Word files, and Google Slides for PowerPoint files.  These are all available on the Google Play store and can be downloaded and used for free.

How to view Word, Excel or PowerPoint attachments?

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