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Airplane Mode for Android Phones or Tablets

Airplane Mode for AndroidAirplane mode is a handy feature that quickly and easily turns off all the wireless communication functions on your Android tablet or phone.  You can quickly turn it on, and just as easily turn it back off.

How to turn it on?

You should use Airplane Mode for Android phones or tablets if you travel a lot on airplanes.  All airline carriers will require that you either turn off your Android phone or tablet or enable Airplane Mode.  All Android devices have the option to turn it on.  This option can also be used in other situations such as if you’re watching a movie or in a meeting. 

Enabling the “Do Not Disturb” may be better to use.  The “Do Not Disturb” option is not the same.  “Do Not Disturb” does not turn off all your data, WIFI and Bluetooth connections.  The “Do Not Disturb” option will only turn off notifications and calls.

Airplane Mode

The easiest way is to pull down your launcher’s quick menu and touch on Airplane Mode to turn it on.  Touch it again to turn it off:

Airplane Mode for Android

Another method is to open Settings, touch on Connections, then slide the switch to turn on Airplane Mode:

Airplane Mode for Android

Airplane Mode for Android

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