Best Android phones for gaming

Best Android phone for gaming

What is the best Android phone for gaming?  ASUS™ makes excellent Android phones that have the features you want for gaming, plus the features you want for all the other phone related tasks you expect from a cell phone.  The ASUS ROG cell phones consistently range as the best Android phones for gaming.

In addition to gaming, ASUS cell phones rival the other brands on the market.  ASUS is know in the gaming world as the best for gaming with an ASUS cell phone or an ASUS laptop.

for a catalog of ASUS ROG cell phones. Here are a couple of options:

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Locked or unlocked

Locked or Unlocked? Check your Android phone or tablet

Is my phone or tablet locked or unlocked?
How can you easily know if your Android phone or tablet is locked or unlocked. Maybe you want to change the cellular service you are using, or maybe you want to change the mobile data service. It should be as simple as changing the SIM card to change cellular service or data service.

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Factory reset Android

Factory Reset an Android phone or tablet

How to reset an Android phone or tablet to original Factory settings?
Factory Reset settings, Wipe the Data
Do a reset on your Android phone or tablet first if you ever sell, or send your tablet in for repairs – be sure to erase all your personal data first. This is also referred to wiping the data, or doing a factory reset.

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Do Not Disturb on Android phones and tablets

How to turn on “Do Not Disturb” on Android phones and tablets?

How to turn on the “Do Not Disturb” option on your Android phone or tablet?
The Do Not Disturb option solves those many situations where you don’t want to be disturbed with calls or notifications coming up on your phone or tablet. Perhaps you starting a meeting, or working on a project that requires your undivided attention. In the current world of mobile devices, phones and tablets can be invasive and noisy when you don’t want them to.

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