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Find files on Android phones or tablets

Which file manager app should I use to find files on Android devices?

Find files on Android tabletsEventually, you will have a need to find files on Android phones or tablets, for a variety of reasons.  Some Android manufacturers include a file manager app, however, the base Android OS does not include a file explorer app to help you manage the files on the tablet PC.  The newer versions of Android do have a file manager app included.

A good file manager will help you to not only find files, but help you to organize them into folders, copy between folders, move between SD memory card and tablet storage, and open or delete the file.  You should also look for folders that were created by an app that no longer exists.  When you remove an app from your Android phone or tablet, the uninstall process doesn’t always remove all the files and folders that were created when the app was installed.  Using a file manager app is a good way to find those orphaned files and folders and delete them.

When you open the file manager app, it will show Internal Storage, and SD Card Storage (if you have an SD memory card installed).  The Internal Storage consists of files residing on your device, and SD Card Storage will show the files stored on your SD memory card.

Google Playstore, and the Amazon App Store have a variety of free file manager apps you can download.  I use Astro File Manager on my Android phones and tablets.  Some file manager apps will also allow you to access files on your Google Drive.  When choosing a file manager app, be sure to read the details and pick the app that will do what you need.  There are several available and you can download and try them until you find the one that suits your needs the best.

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